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katarina rowley and ryan castel: going somewhere or not worth it? 

Hello my lovely readers, nice to see you all back for another issue of Hogwarts Gossip. We’ve got much to talk about today. Since our last issue, it’s safe to say that you all still haven’t taken my advice. But I’m not complaining… More juicy gossip for me!

Let’s start off by talking about someone who’s been making a lot of… news… during this school year, Katarina Rowley. Rumour has it, she’s confused. And I’m here to confirm these suspicions darlings. With her dead girlfriendfinally out of the picture, it seems as if she’s making a move on a certain Ravenclaw, who’s name just happens to be Ryan Castel.

This little unconventional love story of theirs first started when Rowley was atop the Astronomy Tower, and they had an.. interesting night. No, they did not have sex. I promise you that. I even heard her myself asking Potter if the fact that they haven’t slept together yet meant he was gay. Having doubts, Kat? Pity.

But then, it evolved even further. He saved her from the whole event where someone thought it was a fabulous idea to leave her in the woods with ‘blood traitor’ carved on her stomach. That was probably where everything really began, if you ask me. I don’t know if I support the two, to be honest. I wonder how someone who doesn’t eat fits into Miss OCD’s schedule. Just saying, it’s gotta be hard. Maybe that’s why she seemed so reluctant to start something real with him at first. Got a problem with opening up I see, Katarina? That must be difficult. First with Devlin, now with Castel, maybe love just isn’t your thing. Or maybe it is, since even after you put them through shit you get them anyways. Although you haven’t put this guy through anything really bad… yet. Time will only tell.

So what did our MOM have to say about this little relationship? Did he approve? Something tells me he didn’t. After all we’re all familiar with his ways. And if my sources prove to be correct, Castel is not a pureblood. I bet Daddy dearest smelt that from a mile away.

I guess all that I have left to say is… Good luck to these two lovebirds. I think they’ll need it, with their… Difficulties.

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I promise it’ll hold as much drama as always.

So until we meet again, watch your back.


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Also, tell us what you’d like to hear in the next issue.

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Anonymous said: Party going down in the forbidden forest soon apparantly

Juicy. Count me in, Parties are where the best shit goes down.

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Anonymous said: Who do you think Alex Lyon will sleep with next?

Whoever it is, I sure hope it’s me.

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Anonymous said: What do you think is going to happen with Scorpius and Albus?

I think that they’re going to be broken up for a little while, then they’ll “realize they can’t live without each other”, and then they’ll be right back in each other’s arms once again.

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Anonymous said: Do you think Billy and Griffin will ever get back together?

I don’t know, but I hope so.

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Anonymous said: Opinions on Daniel Crowne being a father.

I honestly think there is no way in hell that kid can raise a child. He’s a child himself.

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you guys should send me questions cos i’m kinda too lazy to write an article at the moment but i’ll at least start it?

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Send in some gossip?

Also, tell us what you’d like to hear in the next issue.